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Why, in the case of some tasks and activities, you are not able to begin, persevere, or complete them? (definition of motivation: Łukaszewski, 2006: 427). What is the reason for the fact that you do not want to do anything, that you discourage people from doing anything?

We will talk about that on 17 January (Wednesday) on our fanpage.

We invite you to participate in our LIVE on MOTIVATION at 9:00 p.m., thanks to which you will get to know:

  • what encourages us to act,
  • why children, teenagers and adults lose their happiness of learning, with which they come to the world,
  • what is the reason for the general discouragement of learning (Komorowska, 2007: 155),
  • what does research say about motivation,
  • how to observe demotivation from an early age; what is the reason for our tiredness of some tasks and activities.

Let’s discover the source for our demotivation. Let’s stop demotivating unconsciously our students, our children and ourselves.

Let’s meet on Wednesday (17 January) at 9:00 p.m. on Facebook (Langauges & Emotions).

Meeting run by Sonia Szramek-Karcz, PhD, and Aleksandra Zacher, MA.

Let’s be aware of the functioning of motivation!

See you then!

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