“Alternative learning methods” Conference


18th April 2020, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Conference with participation of experts, scientists and practitioners for aware parents and teachers.

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“Alternative learning methods” is the title of V edition of Languages & Emotions, Języki i Emocje Conference, Katowice, 18th April 2020.

Scientists, experts, practitioners, teachers and parents meet to support children and young people development and learning in the best possible way, to exchange opinions and experiences and to get some advice.

Our conference answers to all your questions due to the possibility to send them even for 14 days following the conference! It is our mission: “we will answer all your questions”.

All participants take active part they have possibility to ask questions and to discuss   making discussions remarkably inspiring. 🙂

18th April 2020 - udział 100% online participation

  • homeschooling,
  • Montessori education,
  • Waldorf education,
  • democratic education,
  • languages without grammar.

Let's have a look at this short video that will introduce you to vibes of the last year’s edition:

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