"On i Ona" - cykl spotkań z dr Sonią Szramek-Karcz (LIPIEC-SIERPIEŃ)

“HIM AND HER” is a series of 8 meetings with Sonia Szramek-Karcz, PhD, dedicated mainly to women, that take place in July and August, each Wednesday from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., in the Facebook subscription group “Pakiet rozszerzony do Spokojny Planer Languages & Emotions”.

Men are invited to participate in the meetings in order to authenticate the content concerning masculine point of view, way of thinking, speaking and functioning as a part of a couple.

How to join?

  1. Place an order here: http://bit.ly/cykl-on-i-ona
  2. Join the group where the meetings take place: www.facebook.com/groups/170853493612017/
  3. After having received your payment, we will accept your request to join the group.
  4. Be with us each Wednesday, live, from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., or watch recordings at any time.



  1. Masculine motivation – which communicates work on men, which ones even block men’s activity?
  2. Needs and aspirations – slightly different needs hierarchy.
  3. Atavistic masculine worldview, still current schemes and how to effectively make use of them?
  4. Honest and open communicates which do not hurt men’s Ego, allow to purify the relationship and let women express their feelings.


  1. Freedom, hobby, habits – how to find yourself within them
  2. Division of tasks, motivation to cooperate in home life, successful asking for particular tasks.
  3. Man and visits, journeys, holidays, guests and big family parties.
  4. Sex.

Relationship is like a garden, it needs your care and presence. But even with a lot of hours spent in such a garden, you may realise that shade plants are in the sunshine, bulbs were dug at the wrong time, and a small planted tree has grown and destroyed your rockery. In order to enjoy a harmonious relationship, you need to get to know the principles that will help you to come to understanding, comprehension and full happiness.

Each meeting includes 15 minutes of principles and methods and 15 minutes of discussion with participants. It is a half-hour online workshop that you may listen to or watch at any time because the recording is available in the subscription group.

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