Gratitude session


After waking up, thank five times. Say or think five sentences starting with the words “Thank you for…”.

This exercise relaxes your muscles and yourself, it enables you to look on the world through the prism of gratitude.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” (Beattie M.)

As befits a suspicious scientist, I tested the morning sessions of gratitude on myself. I remember the first of them (after three days of forgetting, the fourth day I recalled it and I did my first session of gratitude). I opened my eyes and thought of five sentences beginning with “Thank you for…”. How strange, even funny, feeling and exercise. Well, well, but testing is testing. With disgust I thanked for the curtains in the bedroom, for my bed, for paint on the wall, I searched for the fourth and fifth point quite long. The feeling was strange, but not so discouraging to make me stop the test.

With time, I got the habit of doing the exercise and I even liked it. It was relaxing and it made getting up easier.

Now, my famous “morning without electricity” or when I understood the sense of gratitude.

And then came the day when I understood everything. The morning was quite lazy, I did not have to get up quickly and I could take advantage of the morning session so I was lying and repeating “Thank you for …”. I started to thank for everything and for everyone that came to my mind. It lasted quite a long time – I just did not want to get out of bed. After about 20 “Thank you for…” sentences, I was in a pleasant mood feeling such a great gratitude. I realised that it was time to begin the morning preparations for the day so I got up.

What a surprise! The power was out! My thoughts were still around “Thank you for…”, so I automatically said “Thank you for the power-out because it means that I live in such a place on Earth where usually there is electricity, oh, how wonderful it is to live in such a place”. I came downstairs. On the ground floor it was dark as I closed the roller blinds the evening before. I thought, full of gratitude, “Oh, I thank you that we have electric outdoor blinds, it is such a convenient solution, it is so nice on hot days when I pull down the southern blinds, it gives an additional insulation on cold nights …”. “Oh, I cannot see anything”, my thoughts were speeding and I did not even notice that I had already did my morning session of gratitude and I did not have to continue it.

“Sonia, hello, it is real life calling! It is morning, the power is out and you have to go to work!” The head knows what it knows, but the habit of gratitude prevails: “Oh, it is wonderful that the evening before I did not pull down that one blind, there is such a wonderful gap of 20 centimetres, just enough to enable me to find candles.” “Thank you that I know where the candles are, thanks to Konstancja’s training – I am better organised, thank you for Konstancja.” I found candles and said “Oh, thank you for this romantic shower in candlelight”, setting the candles in the bathroom. “Oh, and thank you for hot water, the heater probably will not come on, but fortunately there is still enough water for a quick shower, for me and my family.” “Oh, thank you for my family.” After the shower, I thought “Hmm, the power is out, so I cannot dry my hair… Thank you for such thin hair, a towel is enough to dry my hair! If I had thick and long hair, that I have always dreamed of, I would have a big problem now, it is quite cold outside … Oh, thank you for my soft and thin hair.” I got out of the shower: “How nice it is to refresh myself!” Coffee time. “Oh, coffee … The power is out… Oh, thank you that I can buy such a delicious coffee at work, that I have money, that I have my job! I will drive my car, thank you for my car.”

I put on my shoes so happy, so full of gratitude. Poof!,  the power was restored, the light came on, I said “Oh, thank you that the power was restored and that my family will prepare themselves as usual.” Amazed that I was so happy, I left the house.

In the car, I understood that a year before, if my morning had had the title “the power is out”, it would have been the worst morning of my life. How many wrinkles, how much bile from my liver… I prefer not to even think about it.

Then I understood the sense of the gratitude session. The things happen to us as they do. It is us who may react to them with gratitude. 🙂


Pure thoughts mean the way to pure heart and pure heart will make all your dreams come true. It is the way where you do not want to turn back, even if sometimes you turn right or left, even if you stop for a while… The return to it is always pleasant, you feel peace, internal peace and inexpressible happiness.

Thank you! 🙂

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