L&E – the only such conference in Poland!

Stop living in uncertainty and acting blindly! Our specialists will answer all your questions posed before, during and after the conference. Be conscious and peaceful language educator for children. Parent, teacher, speech therapist - we have for you current knowledge and the latest results of research concerning intentional bilingualism and early introduction of the second language (and more) in children!

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“Him and Her” – series of meetings with Sonia Szramek-Karcz, PhD (JULY-AUGUST)

"On i Ona" - cykl spotkań z dr Sonią Szramek-Karcz (LIPIEC-SIERPIEŃ) “HIM AND HER” is a series of 8 meetings with Sonia Szramek-Karcz, PhD, dedicated mainly to women, that take place in July and August, each Wednesday from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., in the Facebook subscription group “Pakiet rozszerzony do Spokojny Planer Languages & Emotions”. Men are invited to participate in the meetings in order to authenticate the content concerning masculine point of view, way of thinking, speaking and functioning as a part of a couple. How to join? Place an order here: http://bit.ly/cykl-on-i-ona Join the group where the…

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Positive motivation. How to encourage (yourself) and not to discourage (yourself)?

  How to encourage, motivate and offer more power to yourself and others? Get some energy and knowledge, obtain materials and a certificate of participation in “Positive motivation. How to encourage (yourself) and not to discourage (yourself)?” online transmission. Take part in our LIVE on 7 March at 9:00 p.m.. It does not matter that for most of your life you were discouraged from doing any activity. It is time to change it, it is time to stop demotivating yourself and the others. Sonia Szramek-Karcz, PhD, will present mechanisms of positive motivation, based on the levels of consciousness, developed by…

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Peace of Mind – workshop

Online workshop - 9 December   ONLINE workshop concerning peace of mind that leads to the improvement of your health, feeling of happiness and finances. Together, we will do some exercises that will help us to dispose of phobias, anxiety and fear, discouraging us from using our full potential of possibilities. Workshop run by Sonia Szramek-Karcz, PhD.

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Why, in the case of some tasks and activities, you are not able to begin, persevere, or complete them? (definition of motivation: Łukaszewski, 2006: 427). What is the reason for the fact that you do not want to do anything, that you discourage people from doing anything? We will talk about that on 17 January (Wednesday) on our fanpage. We invite you to participate in our LIVE on MOTIVATION at 9:00 p.m., thanks to which you will get to know: what encourages us to act, why children, teenagers and adults lose their happiness of learning, with which they come to…

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